GMWelcome. Balance of Justice Group (Law firm, Legal Consulting, Industrial & Commercial Services) was incorporated when the lawyer Ahmad Bin Muhammad Al-Ahmad founded his office of advocating and legal consultancies in 2005 after he had left his previous work as a legal adviser in the Government sector. The Office was then founded based on a special vision related to the ideas under which then existing law offices were managed. The Office has evolved over the years following incorporation, forming the nucleus of the group after joining a team of lawyers specialized in specific areas of law, where the Group committed itself to provide legal protection to its customers against local and foreign companies and individuals

Our Vision

To be at the forefront of distinguished legal offices in the region according to the standards and ethics of the legal profession, and in pursuit of a community predominated by legal culture.

Our Mission

Provide specialized and professional legal services of high quality and reliability that will realize every legitimate and possible interest to our customers, and place their investments under the legal umbrella that will protect them from all possible legal risk


    • Work as one team (we cooperate in order to achieve our goals) with Perfection (that is to say permanent quest for development and quality)

    • Credibility in words and deeds

    • Fast delivery

    • Creativity at work according to business controls and ethics

    • Honesty in keeping customers secrets




JOB ADS: Senior Legal Adviser

Job Title

Senior Legal Adviser

About the job

Ahmed AL-Ahmed Law Firm is seeking for Senior Legal Advisor with expertise in the telecommunications sector contracts to join the group. The senior legal advisor will act as an in-house legal advisor for one of the leading Saudi telecommunication companies. The role of the advisor includes providing the company with guidance and advice to draft review and evaluate legal cases. His role will also include negotiation of terms of legal contracts and agreements on behave of the company.

The successful candidate will be in direct contact with Management at both Ahmed AL-Ahmed Law Firm and the company board of directors.

Education Qualification

Bachelor degree in Law LL.B. minimum (Master degree in Commercial or international Law is preferred)

Experience and Skills

A minimum of 10 years experience in telecommunication contracts at legal law firm or company working in the field of telecommunication
Proficiency of English Language (understanding Arabic is no required) -Negotiation skills
Legal documents analysis and writing -Contracts and agreements

Job responsibilities

Study legal cases and contracts and suggest or provide legal actions about them to company board of directors members
Drafting and providing general legal consultations.
Provide legal opinion in specific legal cases and in case of legal dispute.
Drafting and reviewing company legal contracts and agreements.
Drafting legal documents and official communications
Furnishing legal opinions and advice on various areas of the law within the company
Negotiate on behalf of the company management in legal cases.
Provide legal support to the Board of Directors
Participate in setting objectives of the company management
Attend and participate in management and Committees meetings when required.
Provide or suggest legal solutions for legal cases that Saudi national law does not cover/ support them.

Compensation & Benefits (In US Dollar)

Monthly basic salary: $ 10000 paid in local currency
Monthly Transportation allowance: $ 1500 paid in local currency
Monthly Mobile allowance: $ 500 paid in local currency
Medical insurance provided
Free accommodation provided
30 days annual vacation
Annual return ticket for the selected candidate (economy class)

Job Location

The work will be in Saudi Arabia, Riyadh City at Company headquarter building (signing contract will be with Ahmed AL-Ahmed Law Firm)

Duration of the contract:

One year contract (The two parties have the right to terminate the contracts during the first three months)
Annual contracts renewal is possible if the two parties willing to renew it.

To express interest please send email to:


and a copy to :,


Application Deadline: June 15, 2017

Please be advised that
Only candidates selected for an interview will be contacted.

About the Group

Ahmed AL-Ahmed Law Firm and its Commercial and Industrial Legal Services Branch (Balance of Justices) are a leading law firm based in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The lawyer Mr. Ahmed Al-Ahmed established the group in 2005 on the aims of providing its clients with specialized and professional legal services of high quality and reliability that will realize every legitimate and possible interest to our clients. Our
professional advisers have the right experience to protect our clients’ investments and keep them under the legal umbrella from all possible legal risks.

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